The only certification regarding the HAND and its connections to the brain and the rest of the body.

The BAREHAND TRAINING SPECIALIST certification seminar allows the student to deeply understand the function of the hands, to effectively program rehabilitation and motor rehabilitation. It starts from the scientific basis to get to the strategies of correction and training to have strong, healthy and intelligent hands. To prevent or heal the most common hand, shoulder and elbow dysfunctions with precise rehab strategies and assessments. To improve the general strength throughout the improvement of the grip, following the progression: mobility to stability to strength to integration.

Tests and rehabilitation strategies that start from the hand to have an effect on the elbow, shoulder, trunk and brain. The stability and efficiency of each movement depend on the reaction speed of the body. The seminar establishes solid cultural bases of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and neurology, which allow the student to understand the mechanisms of intelligence generation and human abilities.

Instructor: Federico Luzi

Co-teacher: Anton Ghys

3 April 2020: 8.00-18.00

Location: Strength & Company - Antwerp

Price: 197€ (excl. BTW)




3 APRIL 2020